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Hurstville Private Hospital prepares for new advanced Neurosurgery

Dr Vini Khurana provides Staff Education on new Craniotomy surgery at Hurstville Private.


The team at Hurstville Private Hospital, along with Neurosurgeon - Dr Vini Khurana, has held a Staff education seminar on Craniotomies today at the hospital.

The education seminar was organised as a result of Hurstville Private Hospital who is due to perform the surgery on their first patient in the coming months.

A craniotomy is the surgical removal of a section of the skull bone to access the brain. This procedure is commonly used for brain tumours, subdural haematomas and sub-chranial haematomas.

The event hosted both clinical and non-clinical staff who will be involved in the care of patients who undergo the new surgery.

Hospital educator- Racha Baddah says " the staff gained a deeper understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective patient centred-care and service to a diverse population.


Dr Khurana presented on proficiencies and expertise in the care of neurosurgical conditions as well as pre and post surgical care.

Dr Khurana has been treating patients at Hurstville Private since 2018. Up until now, he has been operating on patients who require spinal surgery. Dr Khurana is very excited to be able to offer his patients the new service at Hurstville Private Hospital.