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2020 International Year of the Nurse & Midwife – September Edition

We continue to celebrate ‘The Year of the Nurse & Midwife’ by showcasing Hurstville’s very own Christine Bentley. Christine is one of our Midwives at our Hurstville Private Hospital and has shared her story of how she begun her nursing career and details her achievements along the way.

What year did you commence your nursing career?

I commenced my nursing career in June 1979 at St George Public Hospital in Kogarah.

What hospitals have you worked at?

I have previously worked at St George Public Hospital, Greenoaks Private Hospital, Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital, Canterbury Public Hospital, Northern Beaches Hospital, Abel Tasman Village residential aged care in Chester Hill and now Hurstville Private Hospital since 1992.

What year did you commence employment at Hurstville Private Hospital?

I was first employed at Hurstville Private Hospital in January 1992, when Delivery Suite first opened.

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

I have always known I wanted to be a nurse as I really enjoy helping people and my patients.

Where did you complete your training?

I completed my training at St George Public Hospital in 1982 and worked ICU, CCU and Recovery until 1988.

I completed my college of Nursing in Glebe - Coronary Care Certificate in 1984 and St George Public Hospital - Midwifery completed 1988.

Provide us a highlight in your career that you would like to share

I always find childbirth amazing and realise that this experience will be lifelong for the woman concerned. I hope to make the experience of childbirth memorable for all mothers and it is a wonderful feeling when mothers arrive for their second and subsequent babies and recognise that you are the same midwife who had looked after them previously.

One delivery I will always remember, is a second time mum labouring very well in the shower with husband present. Being a busy night, I was popping in and out to check on her and asked her to buzz me if she was getting any pressure. During one of my routine checks, she had an enormous contraction with instant pressure, where I noted this baby was coming! I asked the husband to turn off the shower. During his attempt to return the shower head into the wall holder, the shower head dropped and started flying around the bathroom. Needless to say, everyone in the bathroom ended up dripping wet. Baby was delivered safely, being showered in the process. I was soaked from head to toe squelching as I walked. We all had a great laugh, with the mother stating she now had a great story to tell everyone!

I arrived the next day to find they had left a lovely gift for me being a bottle of Champagne and a swimming cap!