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Hurstville Private partners with Healthstin providing patients with at home care

Ensuring our patients are discharged with a plan to get them back to their best.

Healthstin, a leading Allied Health Provider joins forces with Hurstville Private Hospital, South Sydney's premier private health facility, to help bring quality rehabilitation services to the residents of Southwest Sydney.

The partnership is a synergy of Healthstin’s philosophy of helping more people move better and Hurstville Private Hospital’s renowned commitment to quality healthcare.

Under the collaboration scheme, Healthstin will be lending its expertise in providing Allied Health Services in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Occupational Therapy, handling the outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs of Hurstville Private Hospital’s patients. This is geared especially toward those who have undergone knee or hip replacement surgery and require rehabilitation to restore functional capacity either at home or in one of Healthstin’s Allied Health Clinics.

As an innovator in the healthcare industry, Hurstville Private Hospital offers the No-Gap Joint Replacement Surgery which allows its patients to undergo surgery and be on the road to recovery sooner, with no gap to pay. The No-Gap Surgery covers everything from Admission to Discharge for joint replacement, depending on the patient’s cover. This clinician-let model improves patient experience, outcomes, reduces cost to the patient and provides the ability for patients to return home sooner and safer.