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Hurstville Private Hospital is pleased to offer 'remote consultations'

Hurstville Private Hospital is pleased to offer 'remote consultations' within their Specialist practices in order to continue providing care to the community.


In response to the developing COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis, Hurstville Private Hospital is pleased to offer 'remote consultations' within their Specialists’ practices. The new service is a valuable alternative for patients, enabling those who are at high risk or self-isolating, to continue accessing Specialist health services from their homes.

The Hurstville Private Clinic currently has over 35 Specialists providing the new service to existing and new patients, should they meet the criteria outlined by Medicare (Criteria explained here: consultations are being carried out by telephone or a video conference style meeting.

The introduction of remote consultations comes on the back of heightened mandatory screening measures for all staff and visitors entering Hurstville Private. As of March 16, routine temperature checks and a screening questionnaire have been in place for every person prior to being granted entry to the hospital, including all patients and staff.

“The fast-changing environment of COVID-19 is truly unchartered territory that brings risk and a level of uncertainty. We’re pleased to be working closely with our Specialists and patients to ensure ongoing care within a safe and healthy environment,” said Hurstville Private Hospital CEO, Lloyd Adams.

Hurstville Private Hospital, as part of the Healthe Care Australia group, are committed to ensuring the health and safety of its patients, staff, doctors, and the local community. Providing superior healthcare services to our local community.

A full list of Specialists currently providing the new service is listed below:

Doctors Name Specialty Contact number
Dr Michael Jamieson Exercise & Sports Medicine (02) 8970 6102
Dr Shevy Perera Colorectal 1300 553 347
Dr Kim Chi Phan-Thien Colorectal 1300 553 347
Dr Alejandra Izurieta Obstetrics, Fertility & Gynaecology (02) 9165 6940
Dr Razvan Stoita Orthopaedics (02) 8005 5111
Dr Hamish Rae Orthopaedics (02) 8005 5111
Dr Alice Chang Orthopaedics (02) 9160 6296
Dr Leonard Kuo Orthopaedics (02) 9789 5700
Dr Mohamad Mourad Orthopaedics (02) 9593 1665
Dr Peter Aslan Urology (02) 8046 8010
Dr Peter Cozzi Urology (02) 9570 5510
Dr Anthony Hutton Urology (02) 8046 8030
Dr Dominic Lee Urology (02) 8046 8040
Dr James Thompson Urology (02) 8046 8050
Dr Ben Kwan Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Con Archis Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Chin Goh Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Vickie Chang Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Theresa Louie Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Clarissa Susanto Respiratory (02) 9570 4800
Dr Aaron Hayek Paediatrician (02) 9570 2755
Dr Young Yu Cardiology (02) 8197 3322
Dr Calvin Hsieh Cardiology (02) 8197 3322
Dr Ee-May Chia Cardiology (02) 8197 3322
Dr Jane McCrohan Cardiology (02) 8197 3322
Dr Hany Abed Cardiology (02) 8197 3322
Dr Mark Sader Cardiology (02) 9531 2476

To find out more information or to see if you qualify for remote consultations, contact your specialist listed above.