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Multiple world firsts: Hurstville Private Hospital introduces new cardiology technology

Hurstville Private welcomes new technology from Biosense Webster – the Cartonet Complete system. The new Cartonet Complete System is designed to enable cardiac electrophysiologists such as Dr Calvin Hsieh to diagnose, monitor and delivery therapy to the human heart.

As the first site globally to use the Cartonet Complete System, this opens the opportunity for Hurstville Private Hospital to be at the forefront of all new technologies in cardiac electrophysiological procedures over the foreseeable future in Australia. Dr Calvin Hsieh explains “this is an exciting prospect for Hurstville Private Hospital’s cardiology expertise, as the adoption of future technologies will accelerate the workflow, increase safety and increase the success rates of arrhythmia procedures for patients. Cardiac electrophysiology is a field that pushes the boundaries of technology, and Cartonet Complete gives us the ability to provide the most cutting-edge care for our arrhythmia patients”.

Hurstville Private Hospital was also the first commercial site in Australia for the new Biosense Webster CARTO VIZIGO® bi-directional guiding sheath for catheter ablation. This device reduces the use of fluoroscopy and minimises the patient and theatre staff exposure to the radiation that fluoroscopy creates. This, in combination with pre-existing technologies at Hurstville Private significantly reduces the radiation burden to patients and staff without compromising efficacy or safety.

As the first commercial site in NSW to adopt the most sophisticated version of the gold standard complex EP systems, Dr Hsieh will continue to be at the forefront of tackling complex interventions with new technology “with the technology in these systems, complex arrhythmia treatments that were previously impossible or time consuming are now possible’’ – says Dr Calvin Hsieh, Cardiologist.

When it comes to pacemakers, Dr Calvin Hsieh implanted the first leadless MICRA pacemaker at Hurstville Private Hospital in 2018. Since then, Dr Hsieh in concert with Hurstville Private has rapidly become the highest volume centre in NSW for these cutting-edge devices. Dr Hsieh and Hurstville Private has also become a training centre for international cardiologists in the technique too. Leadless pacemakers have proven to be a disruptive revolution in pacemaker technology. These devices, 98% smaller than conventional pacemakers, leave no visible mark on the patient, and have been shown to be significantly safer in a number of respects.

For further information about the technology advances being adopted at Hurstville Private Hospital or to book an appointment with Dr Hsieh, contact the Hurstville Private Heart Centre on (02) 8197 3322.