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Meet our team - Featured Staff Story

Meet our team here at Hurstville. This month with feature one of our Clinical Nurse Specialist's Emily Li. Emily has shared her story of how she begun her nursing career and details her achievements along the way.

What year did you commence your nursing career?

I began my career in nursing in 1987 in Shanghai, China.

What hospitals have you worked at?

I have previously worked in Huadong Hospital in Shanghai (China), Middlemore Hospital in Auckland (New Zealand) and now Hurstville Private Hospital.

What year did you commence employment at Hurstville Private Hospital?

I commenced my employment at Hurstville Private Hospital in 2005.

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

Nursing was actually a career that my parents recommended to me. I think they saw my heart and willingness to help people and they thought I was very brave because I wasn't scared of blood.

Where did you complete your training?

I completed my training at Huadong Nursing College and Manukau Institute of Technology.

Provide us a highlight in your career that you would like to share

During my time at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, I came across a lot of emergency trauma cases since it was a public hospital. Although it was a very stressful, high-pressure environment, it was one of the most memorable periods in my career. Without my experiences here, I would not have developed the necessary communication and teamwork skills needed to respond quickly to changing circumstances and save lives. This was the first hospital I worked at after immigrating from another country and it was here that I grew a stubborn endurance and remarkable resilience that characterizes the entire nursing profession.