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Hurstville Private Fracture clinic set to reduce load on public health system

Hurstville Private Fracture Clinic is set to reduce loads on public health system amid Covid-19 response.


The Fracture Clinic at Hurstville Private Hospital is stepping up its services, to help reduce the load on the public health system during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Since opening in July 2019, the Clinic has gone from strength to strength, and offers a flat rate service for both privately insured and public patients.

“We are assisting the local public hospitals with their fracture patients, to help ease the pressures currently being faced by their Emergency Departments. Our flat fee of $90 will allow all patients to be seen quickly and safely in a COVID-19 free environment,” said Hurstville Private Hospital CEO, Lloyd Adams.

The all-inclusive facility for people with potential fractures is set to remove the long delays associated with public hospital emergency departments and drawn out public fracture clinic appointments.

The Clinic’s flat fee service includes an x-ray, initial assessment, and materials for securing the injury. Patients will then have the opportunity to be referred to a highly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon for further treatment, if required.

According to Sport and Exercise Physician, and Fracture Clinic Director, Dr Michael Jamieson, the clinic will expedite patient treatment and unload the burden of such injuries on the public hospital system.

“For people with potential fractures, having an X-ray is the first step. Our fracture clinic allows GPs to send patients with a suspected break for an immediate assessment, appropriate triaging and specialist review,” Dr Jamieson said.

“Patients don’t need to wait at a busy public hospital emergency department, then wait in a queue for an X-ray, and then attend a follow-up fracture clinic appointment with a specialist, which can take up to two weeks.

Patients will require a GP referral to attend the fracture clinic. On arrival at the Hospital a physiotherapist will assess the injury and call for an X-ray. The clinic’s sport and exercise physicians or orthopaedic surgeons will review the X-ray and carry out the necessary next steps. GPs wanting to send patients to the Hurstville Private Fracture Clinic are simply required to ring ahead to inform of the patient’s arrival.

The fracture clinic operates between 8:30am to 5:00pm daily, at Hurstville Private Hospital’s Orthopaedic Consulting Suites, Level 2, Suite 4, 37 Gloucester Road, Hurstville.