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2020 International Year of the Nurse & Midwife – June Edition

We continue to celebrate ‘The Year of the Nurse & Midwife’ by showcasing Hurstville’s very own Christine (Berrell) Lepore. Christine is one of our Registered Nurses at our Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre in Granville and has shared her story of how she begun her nursing career and details her achievements along the way.

What year did you commence your nursing career?

My name is Christine (Berrell) Lepore. My nursing career commenced 7th November 1970.

Where did you complete your training?

Employed at age 16 years, as a cadet nurse in the Paediatric ward at Fairfield District Hospital Fairfield. Before commencing my hospital based nursing education, age 17 years January 1972.

Graduated as a Registered Nurse January 1975. Continued working until October 1975 when I left to have my first child.

What hospitals have you worked at?

I have worked in various fields of nursing.

In 1976 I was employed at Liverpool Nursing Home as Registered Nurse.

In 1977 I was employed at Fairfield Heights Private Surgical Hospital until October 1978 left to have my second child. Returned to work 1981 at Fairfield Hospital in Paediatric Ward until 1982. From 1982 until 1990 worked as weekend evening supervisor at Bossley Park Nursing Home. 1990 until 2015 worked in emergency department Fairfield Hospital.

What year did you commence employment at Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre?

October 2001 I joined employment part time at Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre as Registered Nurse in theatre. 2003 until 2008 I was Director of nursing at Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre. From 2008 until present day I am working as a Recovery Registered Nurse at Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre.

Provide us a highlight in your career that you would like to share?

The reason I became a nurse was because from birth until age 16 years I spent numerous times in hospital. Watching nursing caring for children. I knew from a young age nursing was the career I wanted to do.

There have been many highlights and friendships made during my nursing career. The highlight I am looking forward to is on 7th November 2020 when it will be 50 years of providing care to the community as a Nurse.