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Hurstville Private Hospital named Centre of Excellence in four practice areas.

Hurstville Private Hospital achieves Accreditation as Centre of Excellence in Robotic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Urology & Minimally Invasive Surgery.


Hurstville Private Hospital has achieved accreditation as a Center of Excellence in urology, robotic surgery, colorectal surgery and minimally invasive surgery. It is the first hospital in Sydney to earn accreditation by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) in four practice areas.

This accreditation distinguishes Hurstville Private Hospital from many other health systems by providing the highest quality of care to patients as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

Status as an accredited Center of Excellence means that Hurstville Private Hospital has met nationally recognized standards. Not all hospitals and surgeons seek accreditation; not all that undergo the rigorous on-site inspection process are granted accreditation.


Hurstville Private began using robotic surgery for urology, gynecology and general surgery in 2012, and currently performs more than 400 robotic cases a year. We are proud of the enormous depth of expertise we have here, with some of the best Urological, Gynaecological & Colorectal surgeons in Australia operating at Hurstville Private’ said Mr Lloyd Adams, [CEO] of Hurstville Private Hospital.

Health care organisations and surgeons seeking accreditation by SRC undergo an extensive self-assessment and on-site inspection. This process includes physicians, nurses and administrators who are actively involved in the accredited program. The inspection is consultative and educational, presenting best practices to help an organization or surgeon improve its care and services.

“We’re proud to recognize Hurstville Private Hospital as a Center of Excellence in urology, robotic surgery, colorectal surgery and minimally invasive surgery for their commitment to advancing and providing quality care for all patients,” said Gary M. Pratt, CEO of SRC. “This accreditation signals that the facility and its surgeons are among the best in the specialty and are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care possible.”